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About Ahalya IVF

The hospital was started in 1978 as a small clinic in one room. It started to expand year after year to reach the present state. We have a satellite center to cater to the needs of the poor patients and referred to the main hospital for further management with subsidized cost. We have a well organized training programme. Our hospital had trained many doctors. We are for the welfare of the women in providing the best Gynaecology treatments in Guntur.

Dr. Sanakkayala Aruna, Ex-Health Minister, the Best Gynaecologist in Guntur has started Ahalya IVF & Nursing Home with an objective of providing affordable best healthcare services to the common people. She is a renowned Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Guntur region. Later on, she got elected as Medical and Health Minister for Govt of A.P.

Under her guidance, now the second generation of Sanakkayala's family Dr.Sanakkayala Uma Shankar, IVF Specialist and Endoscopic Surgeon, and his wife Dr. Sanakkayala Rajakumari, Senior Consultant of Gynecology & Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine continuing the same objective and providing the best healthcare services for women. Ahalya IVF is among the Best Obstetrics and Gynaecology hospitals in Guntur.

Dr.Sankkayala Uma Shankar, IVF Specialist and Endoscopic Surgeon, is one among the best Gynaecologist Doctors in Guntur trained in KIEL, Germany under Prof.Metler. He has undergone training in Reproductive Medicine and Laproscopy and joined Ahalya IVF. Dr.Sankkayala Rajakumari, the Best obstetric specialist in Guntur, worked as a Proffessor in Medical College in Department of Obstetrics and now joined Ahalya IVF to provide the best services in IVF and Reproductive Medicine. Since 40 Years, Sankkayala family is providing the best healthcare services for women by giving post-term pregnancy care in Guntur.


Our mission is to honor our legacy of 40 years of leadership in the field of IVF and lead the way for path-breaking achievements in the fertility treatment arena.

We have the vision of getting people knowing us as the 'Best IVF Service Provider' and to provide the best patient experience, quality care and clinical excellence always as our core guiding principles in our treatment approach.


We pledge to gift you parenthood by bringing the new ‘gift of life’ into your arms tomorrow. We are committed to fulfilling the aspirations of childless in couples and bringing their dreams of parenthood to fruition.

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