Success of Ahalya IVF

Several infertile couples consulted our IVF Specialist, Dr.S Uma Shankar.S.N in Ahalya IVF center and solved their fertility problems. They have been blessed with children and some among them gave birth to Triplets.

Client Sayings

Candidates will be given knowledge about Infertility history taking, patient examination, tests advised and their interpretation and hands- on training in sperm preparation and IUI. Advise regarding setting up of IUI lab.

Candidates will be given knowledge on patient selection for IVF-ICSI, COHS protocols, Pre IVF & ICSI investigations and can observe the procedure of oocyte retrieval (pick-up).

IVF Lab. basics, sterile techniques, culture media, preparation of culture dishes for IVF (with and without oil overlay), handling of oocyte under stereo zoom microscope (hands-on) and insemination with sperms, sperm preparation for IVF, denuding eggs, pronuclear stage observation (hands-on), day 3 embryo transfers, embryo transfer techniques.

Ahalya hospital has got some of the finest Facility services compare to other hospitals in around Guntur & Vijayawada. Excellence treatment for all Gynecology and infertility based problems. Hospital environment is very pleasant and neat.This hospital provides everyday free and tasty food for all patients.


Excellent treatment given by Dr. Uma Sankar and his team. We are very happy after 10 years of marital life we got the first baby in this hospital. We have been to many hospital in Hyderabad for treatment at last we got success because of Dr. Uma Sankar and his team. Very Very Happy. Thanks a lot.

sudheera, guntur

Ahalya Hospital provide best Aarogya Sri services. With out much delay. Surgical care and management is also very good. Hospital stay is also comfortable.

P.Jeevana Jyothi, Guntur



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